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Reaching for a helping hand.

Ward Blanchard is an addiction and substance abuse specialist working with individuals, families and loved ones on mental health and substance abuse related issues. He has extensive experience with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues and offers a highly personalized approach tailored to his clients’ needs.

Reaching out for help can be a vulnerable and intimidating process. Ward’s empathetic, personal, and warm approach cultivates an inviting and non-judgmental atmosphere that provides clients with a safe space to grow, learn and achieve their goals.

Blanchard Addiction Resources provides individual, group, couples and family counseling.

  • Unbiased

  • Comprehensive

  • Therapeutic


“Our main focus is to concentrate on family case management because addicts need educated and active family members to help them comply with recovery plans.” – Ward Blanchard

“When the disease of addiction strikes a family, professional guidance and support is essential in finding a path of recovery for everyone involved. Ward has assisted our family with a calm, but firm demeanor, both in the early days when we were in a crises mode.”


“Through Ward’s coaching and excellent family weekends, we received vital education to support our child’s recovery and avoid supporting the addiction.”


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